Hello, friends!  Welcome to this cozy space where I hope you'll be inspired to practice intention, rest, and seeing the beautiful in all things great and small. 

A romantic to my very soul, I’m a lover of beauty and believer that all of life is poetry, both tragic and lovely at once.  I’ve traveled the world observing culture and people with eyes wide open, and time and again this truth is proven: we all desire love.  And we’re all drawn to the beautiful.  The stunning secret is both are ours if we simply open our hearts to receive them.

I spend most of my days cozied up with my husband and darling daughter in our yellow cottage beneath the trees where we often pretend we run a cozy B&B.  Reading, baking, and hot tea call to me daily, as do adventures and wanderings the world over.  I have an affinity for antique books and sheet music, an obsession with thrifting, and I daydream of returning to long hours of writing poetry for the pure exhilaration of creating.  Authentic conversation and relationship bring me profound joy, as does collecting eggs from our backyard flock of happy hens.

I forever aspire to be more present in the simplest of days savoring each moment with intention, and to experience this life wholly, mind, body, and spirit. I believe deeply we’re all artists, each and every one of us.  And despite life’s heartbreaks and brokenness, we’re all called to live extraordinary, beautiful lives.


Other lovely tidbits I revel in…



~holistic health



~gluten free baking

~world travel

~long walks

~quote collecting

~Springtime farmers' markets

~fresh flowers on my table






I’d love to connect with you, hear your story.  Send a message, leave a comment, write me a letter, grab a coffee together…. real connection.  That’s what life is about, right?