More Pinterest Inspired Projects

by Terrica Joy in

Remember those amazing vintage suitcases I picked up at the flea market a couple months ago?? I ended up stacking them in our guestroom for awhile just for decor, but then I saw something like this on Pinterest:


How stinkin' cute are my girls??  I know, I know.  It's hard not to squeal at their adorable-ness ;-)

And there are so many trendy descriptive words I could use for this...

Repurposed.  Recycled.  Vintage.  Salvaged.  Art.  (yeah, that one might be a stretch)

Regardless!  My girls seriously LOVE it.  And I feel better that the suitcases actually serve some sort of purpose beyond just sittin' there and lookin' pretty.  Not that I'm opposed to that in general or anything.  At all.  Please let the record show that I'm all about pretty stuff just because it's pretty.  

ANYway, I just had to show you!


Have you created any Pinterest inspired projects lately??  Do share!