Blog Update {and a few irresistible photos}

by Terrica Joy in

Where have you guys BEEN!?  Juuust kidding!  I know, I know... I've been absolutely MIA for the past two months now.  I was swallowed up in the abyss of major transition, and I have to admit, this particular abyss has been even deeper and darker than I could have imagined.  I've had a number of melt downs and freak outs over the weeks, trying desperately to get settled.  It's felt nearly impossible to be honest, and a tad defeating.  Why you ask??  Oh, do let me explain.  

New baby + 3 months nice and settled + insane decision to move + renovation craziness + teething + new atmosphere for baby negates nice routine + boxes everywhere + Josh needs eye surgery, why not +deciding we need to sell half of said boxes, way too overwhelming + needing to buy new stuff because of insane decision to sell half of said boxes + we need chickens + homeownership is intense, plumber-what? mow yard, huh? + we must start composting, like, now + where are the chickens going to live? + our neighborhood rocks, must make bff's of ALL neighbors asap + is Ev really teething or is it in my head? + what do you mean the trees need trimming lest they crush us in our sleep?! + so many yummy new cafes to try, let's never cook again! I love/hate Home Depot + no more painting please, ever, I love neon green, no really + lots of company + I miss cooking + let's start a Bible study! + why isn't the faucet working? + why isn't the disposal working? + weddings + showers + birthdays + let's go to Nashville next week! + why do the dogs keep peeing in the floor? + I can't lift a 500 lb piano, you do it + did you just knock a hole in my freshly painted wall with that antique armoire + where are the washer and dryer again?? + is she trying to crawl? why does my back feel a thousand years old? + seriously, are we teething or what? = um, let's redesign the blog

 You totally followed that, right??

So yes, life has obviously been incomprehensibly crazy of late.  And with the seasons changing both literally and metaphorically it seemed the perfect (although inconvenient) time to shift gears here as well, so the blog is currently in the middle of reorganization and a fresh new design.  It's all consuming at the moment, but I'll be back blogging in full force very shortly with loads of new content and features!  I'm so looking forward to it!  (and to everyone who's asked to see pics of the house, yes, there will be lots of those, too)  

I can't very well leave you without a bit of eye candy to tide you over, though...


6 months of pure bliss.  She rocks my world.

See you guys very shortly!