A Trip to the Blueberry Farm

by Terrica Joy in


If you've never visited a seasonal pick-you-own farm, you're missing out.  Despite that we have blueberry bushes in our own backyard and free rein in my dad's stunning garden every summer, I'm still thrilled by the idea of picking my own produce.  It's so gratifying, not to mention a beautiful destination for an afternoon getaway.  

This particular farm is located just outside of Commerce, TX.  We've stopped by the last two weekends to check out their mini farmer's market and visit with my parents who've been setting up to sell dad's cutting boards and whatnot. Thanks to no labor costs you can pick a gallon of blueberries for $20.  Wow.  Want to try your hand at making jam or preserves??  Here's your motivation!  There are a number of different varieties to choose from, which I found amazing in itself.    

They also sell fresh eggs, homemade bread (made with wheat berries ground fresh on the farm, olive oil, sea salt, and local honey), muffins, jams, cookies, honey, etc.  People were raving about the chicken salad sandwiches they were whipping up Saturday!  Made with huge chunks of pasture raised chicken from our all time favorite chicken farmer who happens to live a mile down the road, and served on soft, freshly baked homemade bread.  Mmm.  Josh and Ev scarfed one down without apology.

Pick-your-own (also called u-pick) farms have been gaining popularity in recent years thanks to the farm-to-table movement and general nostalgia for a return to farm life.  I think it's fantastic.  For one, where better to have a gorgeous picnic?  (one of my many love languages, you know)  And second, the more we become interested in where our food comes from, the better.  The more we learn, the more we appreciate, the better we care for ourselves and this glorious Earth we've been charged to steward.

From raw milk dairies to grass fed cattle ranches and pasture raised chickens, we're always looking for new farms to check out.  We love exploring backroads and making friends with our local farmers.  They're some of the best people around, hands down.  I was raised by an entire community of them.  Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Click here to locate U-pick farms in your area. 


Simple Strawberry Sauce

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This sauce is delightful in every way.  It tastes like summer in a jar, pairs wonderfully with just about anything you can dream up, and is so simple to make it almost makes itself.  I'm not kidding.

Simple Strawberry Sauce

  • 2 pints of ripe strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of sugar

Slice/dice/chunk up the strawberries, whichever texture you prefer.  Pour half a cup of sugar over top and toss to coat. Walk away for 10 minutes to unload the dishwasher or scroll thru instagram, you know, whatever you do to kill 10 minutes.  And come back to a wonderfully delightful sauce!  It could not be any more simple.

If you really want to complicate it, slice open a vanilla bean and add the caviar.  Yum!  You can also add a splash of lemon juice if you like, or even puree the entire mixture if you want to go that far.  I adore it in the simplest form, but feel free to go crazy!  If you want a thicker version just mix in a bit of corn starch.

We absolutely love it with greek yogurt.   It isn't too sweet the way straight honey can be or not sweet enough the way fruit alone can be.  It's the perfect marriage.  I also spooned it over gluten free pancakes for a decadent breakfast in bed this weekend.  It's like strawberry shortcake, for breakfast, but you don't feel guilty in the least.  And let's not even talk about how perfect it is poured over vanilla ice cream.  Perfect, I tell you.

Slather it on toast or biscuits, pour it over pound cake or cheesecake or even rice pudding.  The variations are endless. Simply store in a mason jar in the fridge and enjoy!