Treasures Revealed

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I mentioned in my last post that our recent hunt did, in fact, turn up a few new treasures despite the detour from our original plan to hit up the flea market.  So with no further adieu, meet my new darlings:


Sooo, seems I've begun a new collection.  (I know!  Why does this keep happening to me?!)  *sigh*  Whatever.  Anyway, it's vintage handkerchiefs.  I decided, um, well, this past weekend in fact, that I love them.  And there ya have it.  New collection.  They simply have so many fantastic uses I can't help myself!  Particularly when it comes to photo-taking, a little pop of color or pattern really does wonders.  Cup of coffee on the table top?  Nice.  Cup of coffee atop a corner of darling fabric on the table top?  Greatness.

side note:  What do these patterns and colors remind you of??  I'll tell you:  Anthropologie.  Yep.  Except these guys were all of a buck a piece and at Anthro they'd be $432.  Each.  You know it's true.

And you know I had to have a few creamy whites given my obsession with all things ivory and lace.  And look, how sweet are these??  I love them.


Doilies serve similar purposes.  Loved this one:


But my heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon these:


Vintage baby bonnets!!!  I've been searching for bonnets everywhere to no avail (except Etsy where they range from $30-$120!  PLUS shipping.  What?!)  So when I saw these dangling in a dark corner with a mere $8 price tag, I snatched them up immediately!  Just wait until you see Ev in them.  Oh man.  Stupid adorable.

But my absolute favorite find of the day was this beauty:


Isn't she lovely?  Hand-made, vintage table cloth.  It had my name written all over it.  I could see it beautifully draped over our cottage kitchen table with a vase of peonies, morning sunlight streaming in, cups of coffee scattered about...  Josh even loved it, a bit to my surprise.

So there ya have it!  All my new treasures.  Except there might have been, well, okay fine.  There was also this:


Yeah.  No explanation necessary.  You know I had to have it.  I DID manage to actually walk away and leave it on the shelf, but Josh picked it up and carried it around going, "Do you really want me to put it back??  Or do you want me to but not want me to?  I don't think you really want me to.  Am I right?"  He finally concluded that I needed it.  I didn't argue.

So that's really all my new treasures.  Promise this time.  

P.S.--I have a *very* exciting hunt coming up in a few days!  *Very* exciting.  Very promising.  But I'll have to tell you all about that once I've felt it out a bit more... 

Have you discovered any fun treasures lately??

New Treasures! {Vintage Silver Pitcher and Aqua Mason Jar}

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Despite there being far fewer vendors than normal due to the holiday, our recent excursion to the flea market turned up a couple of darling little treasures:


Hello, love.  You are gorgeous in every way.  Perfect coloring.  Pristine condition for your age.  You downright flirted your way into my heart.  I had to have you.  And so I do.  

We couldn't be happier together.

I honestly don't know if I've ever come across a vintage mason jar in such excellent condition--not to mention it's my favorite, favorite shade of aqua.  I love it.  I'm not certain what I'll do with it yet besides staring longingly across the room... but I'm thinking a sunny, cottage kitchen windowsill filled with a constant rotation of fresh cut flowers may very well be its destiny.  I like the idea of water and aqua-colored glass catching the morning sunlight and dancing it across the counter tops...  It kind of reminds me of a Tiffany jewelry box except, well, quite honestly I'd rather have this cheap flea market jar over all their expensive pretties any day! Who knew an old jar could make a girl so happy?  Please take a moment to remind my husband just how lucky he is.  ;-)

(random fact: Speaking of expensive, did you know that vintage mason jars have been known to sell for upwards of $10,000?! Yeah.  We snagged this beauty for $7.  And had it not been for the condition I would have considered that even a bit high.  We were at a flea market, after all.) 

Then just around the corner, at the back of a several tables of dusty old dishes, knick knacks and plain ole junk, I spotted this guy:


If you read this post last summer, you may be experiencing deja vu.  Remember when I stumbled upon a very similar version of this vintage silver pitcher at an estate sale?  Well of course when I laid eyes on this guy I knew he was meant for her, my first love.  


I took him home and immediately introduced them.  He seemed a bit shy at first, probably because she's taller than him.  Can't blame him for being a little intimidated though, she's a beauty.  Just look at those legs!

*sigh*  I think they look stunning together.  A perfect couple.

(Btw-Josh negotiated his $10 price tag down to $5 with ease.  I never cease to be amazed by my husband's mad negotiation skills.  He's like a snake charmer.  Half the time people just give him stuff.  I'm so not kidding.  It's fascinating, almost like he mesmerizes people with his smile or something.  Whatever his secret, I'm not complaining.  He's the perfect companion for, well, everything in my book!  But particularly flea market, garage sale, and thrift store shopping where bargaining is both welcome and expected.  Where as I'm a little hesitant, he's downright fearless!  It never fails to pay off.  And Craigslist sellers, watch out!  He'll nearly rob you blind.) 

And wait just a second.  Hmm.  Did I just become a collector of vintage silver pitchers??  I think I might have.  Crap.  I don't aspire to be a collector of anything.  Except maybe books.  And vintage suitcases.  And wicker baskets.  And I'd like a few antique chandeliers.  Ah, crap!  I'm a collector, aren't I!?  Ugh.  I so don't want to be.  Unfortunately, I think it's in my blood.  There's just no way around it.

So anyway, there ya have it!  Another successful treasure-hunting excursion.  Tomorrow we're off for an early stroll thru a gorgeous little farmer's market, followed by another hunt at a different flea market.  I told you I have a flea market on the books for every single weekend between now and end of November.  I wasn't kidding.

I'll keep ya posted if I find anything worth reporting ;-)

Have you found any fun treasures lately???

The Makings of a Tree

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Remember how I mentioned recently that we had a little Pinterest inspired ornament party?  As promised, here are a few shots for ya:

How charming are these guys?  I love them.  I think they're my favorite.


I used vintage-inspired tape I found at the craft store to simply cover styrofoam balls, but my little sister opted to rip pages from an old hymnal to create a similar look.  Both worked!

My Granny and I worked on a dozen of these.  She hot glued the twine to the pine cones, and I brushed them lightly with soft gold paint and added a little ribbon.  Uber cheap and simple with a natural, organic feel.  She had actually collected them years prior around a nearby lake.  They'd just been sitting in a box for ages waiting to be appreciated ;-)  I actually saw some that were very similar at West Elm in Nashville last week, but they cost something stupid like $6 a piece.  Ours cost all of 6 cents, if that.


And my mom whipped these out in no time.  I was super impressed with her magical heart making skills!  She didn't use a pattern at all.  She simply folded felt pieces and cut them perfectly freehand, stuffed them with a bit of cotton, and sewed them up!  I didn't even attempt to make one after witnessing her masterful skill.  (these guys cost about 20 cents a piece)


Such sweet little ornaments.  I love that we made them together, 3 generations of ladies sitting around the table (4 if you count baby girl).  That's definitely a memory I'll cherish for years to come, reflecting each year as we put up our tree.  I can see myself sharing the story with our little girl when she's older, telling her how her Mommy, Aunt, Grandma and Great Grandma laughed and chatted and made all these beautiful ornaments by hand when she was still in my tummy. ;-)

But back to the tree...

Given my love of red berries it is only appropriate to incorporate those here and there for pops of color, and there will be burlap, too.  Think tree skirt, perhaps a few yet-to-be created ornaments, etc.


White twinkle lights, a glowing fire, maybe hot cocoa... Yep, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  

Josh is thrilled to no end.  I've been suggesting that he really appreciates it this year thanks to the decoration starvation diet I've had him on for years ;-)  He just rolls his eyes...

Ah well, no need to worry as it seems baby girl has already melted my cold, grinch-like heart for good ;-)  I just can't imagine ever denying our children the magic of Christmas, which certainly includes decorating.

Is your tree up yet?  Did you create any new ornaments or decorations?